Filipino Community Council of Victoria Inc.

Caring for Victoria since 1988.

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Community Services

Living with COVID-19 Introduction

11 June 2022 - From today we will release some videos about the Filipino Community and how we survived and lived up with COVID-19. We have interviewed selected groups from our community including youth, elderly, international student and medical professionals. This project was funded by Victorian Government through Multicultural Communications Grant. Watch this introduction:

FCCVI President's Report

The past year has been a fulfilling and successful for the Filipino Community Council of Victoria Incorporated. FCCVI was established as a welfare and migrant settlement support provider for newly arrived Filipinos, however, since 1988 (more than 33 years ago), FCCVI has met its biggest transformation in the last two or three years with more meaningful and sustainable services for people we serve- our elderly citizens and the broader Filipino-Australian community as a non-profit and charitable organization [...]